Niseko Onsen Hot Springs Guide

Hot Springs | Niseko Japan

One of the highlights of skiing Niseko Japan is the Japanese Onsen. After a long day of skiing the Niseko powder, nothing beats relaxing those aching muscles in a traditional Japanese Niseko Onsen or hot spring.

If you’re visiting Niseko be sure make a trip to one of the many onsens located in Hirafu, Niseko Village & Annupuri. Onsens are marked on signs and maps with the symbol ♨, the kanji, 湯 or the hiragana ゆ (yu, meaning “hot water”).

We recommend taking your own towels, otherwise you’ll have to rent them. You’ll need a regular towel for drying and a small onsen towel for washing. . Most onsens are segregated into male and female, however there are a few which have mixed bathing.